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Debt Recovery Solicitors

Many businesses fail as a result of bad cash flow. No matter how busy your business, if customers do not pay your bills severe financial difficulties will ensue. Our debt recovery department based in Guildford town centre has over 20 years’ experience recovering overdue commercial debts.

Before attending a meeting with a debt recovery solicitor please bring the following information:

  1. List of debtors and how much they owe you.
  2. Any proof or evidence showing that the debt is undisputed. E.g Signed contract, terms and conditions, letters accepting offers made.

Our Debt Recovery Procedure:

There are three steps to recovering debt.

  • Initial Steps

    Typically, a letter before the claim and or a Statutory Demand will be served. We can advise on the drafting of the letter or deciding whether you proceed to a Winding up Petition.

  • Making a Claim

    We can guide you through the decisions that need to be made, where and when to claim and how to make the process as swift as is possible.

  • Enforcement of Judgment

    Upon obtaining a Judgment you then will need to recover the sums which are due and this will involve enforcement proceedings. We can advise on the best way in which to ensure that the award is recovered.


At England Palmer Solicitors, we pride ourselves on giving as much information to our clients regarding fees and costs as possible. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our pricing structures. We are happy to provide a detailed quote once we have spoken with you and taken some initial instructions. The quote will be determined by the complexity of your matter, for instance if the debt is disputed or not, if the matter requires Court proceedings or can be settled via correspondence. We are able to provide further information once we have details and can discuss the options of either fixed fee or hourly rates.

The likely costs are as below:

Claim Amount Fees (plus VAT)
£0-£10,000 £1,000.00 - £4500.00
£10,001-£100,000 £>4,500.00

If a claim is issued, you will need to pay a court fee in addition to our legal fees. You may have to pay more fees later on if, for example, there’s a court hearing or you need to get a judgment enforced.


Our quotes include a complete breakdown of our costs, including our fees and all associated disbursements. The likely disbursements incurred will include Counsel’s fees and Court fees. We will discuss any likely disbursements with you prior to them being incurred and can provide a more specific quote once we have further detail.

Key stages

We will discuss the anticipated stages with you at first meeting, and will keep you updated as the matter progresses.

How long will my matter take?

The time it takes to conclude your matter will depend on the complexity of your case.

The average process takes between 1-6 months but this can vary depending on the parties involved. A clear estimate will be provided once we have further details of your matter and we will keep you closely updated as your matter progresses.

Our team

The individuals who will deal with your matter with your matter will be Adrian England (Partner). The hourly rate is £250.00 (plus VAT). Adrian will be assisted by a Paralegal with an hourly rate of £180.00 (plus VAT).

"We do solutions, not problems"

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